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  21 March 2015
  Anna Wyroślak



  On the 1st of June at 1 pm we were still in hot and windless California. We sat near the shop, ate watermelon, some ice-cream, drank some delicious ice-coffee. We ate a lot at that time. I could not believe how much we could eat. First time in my life I did not count the calories and I did not regret this abnormal amount of food that I…

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  4 September 2014



The trip to the USA was a spontaneous one. One day, at the beginning of May it just sprang into my mind while I was driving to work. Everyday life, traffic jams, noise and grey reality – not much is required to be able to come up with such an idea. There was a quick talk with Ania on the phone if she wanted to take the challenge and the…

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