Our route will be as follows:
Perth via the Nullarbor to Port Augusta, then to Adelaide, from there straight to the 12 Apostles, followed by Melbourne, Mount Kosciuszko, Canberra and Sydney at the end of where we finish the tour.

Inga i Ania
Where did the idea come from? The desire for two ordinary girls to do something extraordinary! We’ve always liked challenges, physical activity and of course each other. We know that the journey is not easy and it may well stress our bodies, equipment and psyche but we know that it will not affect our fighting spirit. When you do not know what you’ll meet on the road, it’s important to have someone next to you, who understands you and thinks like you. Someone you can count on. These things make us both feel good about the idea. We practice whenever we can and in the meantime handle all the paperwork related to our departure.

born Oct 10th, 1980. She graduated from the Medical University of Silesia and currently works in the clinic of dermatology of Charité (University hospital Berlin, Germany). In her spare time she is a dedicated athlete with the favorite disciplines Ultra-Trail-Running, Adventure-Races, Triathlon 70.3 and Ironman, MTB-Marathons and Road Racing. She describes herself as a full of optimism, and her motto „there is nothing impossible!” leads her in job and sports. Inga loves and needs challenges, she seldom loses patience and her friendlyness. She likes to travel with her sister around the world. In 2013, they startet the team „Sisters on a bike“ and completes long distance bike-trips. The year after, a Mountainbike ride across the USA from San Francisco to New York followed: 5.650 in 29 Tagen – without any support. Her new goal: Conquer Australia by bike! This time, both Ania and their friend Volker Dohrmann ride together along the south coast, covering Perth, Nullarbor Desert, XII Apostles, Melbourne and Sydney.


Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The common idea for the new adventure came up shortly after the USA Tour in 2014. This time, Australia was elected as target. Ania decided to take a one year sabbatical and move from Europe to the other side of the globe and explore Australia and Oceania. As usual, life does not follow a fixed plan, and Anias travel was rerouted by chance. Instead of New Zealand, the world traveller found herself in Australia´s Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. In these cities, she met new persons and great friends. Within short time, she realised that a new – unplanned – chapter of her life started. Anias former passion for horses and equestrian sports became the new center of her life and also a job. And Australia is her new real home. For much longer than the originally planned one year…


Hamburg (Germany), 53 years. Sport: Running 1-5K, Cycling specialist for Mountains, Time Trial and Stageraces. North German Champion Road Elite 1982. Stipend/Study Hamburg, 1 year USA 1988 (Princeton NJ). Works for STEVENS Bikes as Favorite cycling region: Alps
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